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Used for building various single-purpose machines and equipment. We offer a complete range of modular system products - made by the German-based item Industrietechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH. This system is based on precise anodized aluminium profiles with longitudinal grooves and holes for mounting the connecting elements and extensive accessories; surface areas are corrosion- and abrasion-resistant. The concept of the system allows considerable flexibility, high precision and strength, but also fast convertibility and opportunity to re-use various elements of the system. The division will not only process the price and time quote for the items you enquire upon, but upon your request will also provide for the design and implementation of the entire installation based on your instructions.

  • Modern design
  • Fast and easy construction with a comprehensive catalogue and library of elements for CAD applications on CD
  • Machine design meets the most demanding customer requirements, without the necessity to employ an expensive fleet of machines
  • High precision, strength and the extended lifetime of individual parts, while maintaining low weight of the entire construction assembly
  • Affordable solutions thanks to easy production set-up, easy assembly and possible re-use of individual parts
  • Wide selection of elements - four dimensional lines of high-precision anodized aluminium profiles with a large number of accessories and supplements

On-line catalogue of aluminium profiles (EN)
On-line catalogue of aluminium profiles (DE)

Catalogue of aluminium profiles, see section Download.

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D30 is the aluminium profile tube system of the LP Building Kit System, which has been developer for the growing requirements associated with lean production. With this system it can be easily secured the required quality of production at high speed of installation.

One fastener is all you need
The D30 profile tube system uses just one type of fastener for all standard 90° connections. Using universal fastener is much easier to reuse, reduces stock levels and saves time.

ESD-safe and standard
The aluminium profiles of the D30 profile tube system are inherently electrostatically dissipative (ESD-safe) and therefore protect sensitive parts by preventing harmful static discharges. Because the robust D30 profiles are not sheathed in plastic, they are not prone to static charging caused by friction.

One-person assembly
Every fastener in the D30 profile tube system holds independently, which means that one person can do everything, building complex construction step by step. All connections become stable and load-bearing as soon as they have been tightened.

Tighten once and for all
The combination of aluminium tubes and die-cast aluminium fasteners delivers a lasting hold. Even when under load, the fastenings exhibit no creep behaviour

From round to square
Special adapters and fasteners fit the round (tubes) to the square (profiles) to ensure the versatile range of components can be used to the full. As a result, you can always choose the profile that best suits your application.

High-speed delivery
Rich stocks. The D30 line components are despatched within 24 hours from order acceptance.

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