Head protection

Head protection

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The head is the most sensitive parts of the human body. This is why our products can be characterised by a combination of maximum protection, with maximum user comfort. Head protection can be further divided into the actual head protection, eye protection, face protection, hearing protection, and respiratory protection.

The highest level of protection of the head and its surface from head injuries can be provided with protective helmets. Their protective function is determined by material and structural design. Helmets consist of a set of elements that protect the skull against the threat of hazardous environments in the work place; especially mechanical hazards (impact and puncture). The manufacturer may also identify additional specific protection against electrical hazards, extreme temperature, radiation, etc.

To effectively protect the eyes and face protective goggles are most commonly used, as well as protective shields. Protective goggles can be chosen to solely protect eyes if it is not necessary to protect the whole face. Otherwise it is advisable to use protective shields, which also protect other parts of the face. Vision can be protected against shocks of different strengths, optical radiation, molten metal and hot solid particles, liquid droplets and spray, dust, gases, electric arcs from short circuits, or combinations of these hazards. For protection against harmful gases, fumes or particles, it is more appropriate to select the necessary respiratory protection.

For adequate ear protection against the negative effects of noise, are ear muffs. Their use is required where the implementation of technical measures fails to reduce noise to acceptable levels. The use of hearing protectors is necessary for sound levels greater than 85 dB, above which may lead to irreversible hearing damage. There are a relatively large number of hearing protectors on the market and their selection is based on the necessary guidelines introduced by the CSN EN 458. It’s necessary to take into account the requirements of noise reduction, user comfort, acceptance and deployment, working conditions, health problems, and compatibility with other head protective equipment.

We offer these types of protective head:

  • Safety helmets and accessories
  • Safety glasses
  • Face shields
  • Earmuffs
  • Earplugs
  • Escape hoods
  • Masks and halfmasks
  • Respirators
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