System for the construction of platforms and staircases (TPS)  

System for the construction of platforms
and staircases

We remind you about more and more popular system for the construction of platforms and stairs (TPS). It uses the groove size 8 and is compatible with the system MB8, which allows the use and extension of the system by gates, doors, anchor elements and other accessories. Newly we produce catalog of this sortiment in czech.

Heat protection

Heat protection

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We offer the complete range of high temperature protection products form ADL INSULFLEX, INC in Canada. Insulflex® products are supplied in the form of sleeves, tapes, blankets and custom fabricated shapes of all sizes.

The sleeve products can be used to protect flexible hose assemblies, cables, and pipes while tape products and Velcro closure sleeves can be used to wrap a hose or cable that is already in service. Insulflex® also offers a line of end sealing tapes and end dips for sealing sleeves at the hose ends.

The specially formulated silicone rubber coating allows Insulflex® products to offer excellent resistance to flames, sparks and molten metal splash. These properties make Pyrojacket®, Pyrotape®, and Pyroblanket ideal for use in metallurgical plant processes such as Steelmaking, Coke plants, Hot Rolling Mills, and Hot Dip Galvanizers etc. Also used in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, and Oil & Gas. The E glass insulation layers helps provide resistance to thermal transfer so that the products can offer safety protection to personnel from hot hoses and pipes, and also reduce heat energy losses in flexible hoses and pipes conveying hot oil or steam.

The heat resistance of these materials extends 260 °C continuous with short term exposure up to 1650 °C. Some products offer a complete range of certifications by DMT, DNV - GL, SAE, MSHA and UL to ensure the highest performance standards are met for the protection of hoses, cables, pipes, wiring harnesses and all types of asymmetric shapes.

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