System for the construction of platforms and staircases (TPS)  

System for the construction of platforms
and staircases

We remind you about more and more popular system for the construction of platforms and stairs (TPS). It uses the groove size 8 and is compatible with the system MB8, which allows the use and extension of the system by gates, doors, anchor elements and other accessories. Newly we produce catalog of this sortiment in czech.

Service and support

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  • Provision of comprehensive services
  • Preparation of engineering design and price calculation
  • Technical consultations at the customer’s place of business
  • Optimisation of technical solutions
  • Consulting and training
  • Installation of calculation software
Modular systems
  • Deliveries in three options: semi-finished products, individual elements prepared for installation, and finished assemblies
  • Installation of assemblies at the customer’s place of business
  • Optimisation of structures, using the “item” profiles
  • Consulting on designs of assembly and conveyor lines and workbenches
  • Consulting on designs of safety fences
Machinery elements
  • Selection of the most suitable drive types
  • Proposals of new and check calculations of the existing drives
  • Specification of drives on your machines/lines
  • Optimisation of technical solutions of your drive(s)
  • Consulting on the installation of drives
  • Measuring the proper tension of belts during installation
Software support
  • CAD library of “item” elements, with the support of 90+ formats in 3D
  • 2D, 3D libraries of machine parts on CD
  • Complete range of products
  • Prompt deliveries from the warehouse in the Czech Republic.
  • Deliveries of components and finished assemblies within the agreed delivery times
  • Large in-stock levels
  • Fully automated storage system
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