Skin protection

Skin protection

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In regards to the range of work cosmetics we offer products of German company EVONIK INDUSTRIES. Currently, the company is primarily known due to the product line Stoko Skin Care, which is a synonymous to healthy skin, which can be strained by an exposure to influences in work or home environment.

Stoko Skin Care offers a complete program of skin protection, which consists of three complementary phases: skin protection, skin cleansing, skin regeneration.

Protective creams
Creams designated for skin protection must be selected with regards to the degree of skin strain in a specific workplace. Protective creams protect the skin against water-soluble and insoluble substances, reduce swelling of the skin during application of protective gloves and subsequently, they also facilitate cleansing of the skin. In this category we offer not only products intended for protection against dirt such as TRAVABON or STOKO PROTECT +, but also creams intended for protection from the weather such as STOKO UV 30 COMPLETE, STOKO FROST PROTECT.

Cleansing creams
Special creams and pastes for easy cleansing of the skin are designed to clean the skin quickly, thoroughly and gently at the same time. Application of liquid products such as ESTESOL, FRAPANTOL or STOKO HAIR & BODY is recommended in the case of light soiling. Stronger dirt can be removed using detergents with high abrasive effect, such as NEOPOL, SOLOPOL and KRESTOPOL. Soiling caused by paints, resins and adhesives can be lightly and gently gently removed with special cleaners - SLIG, SLIG SPEZIAL, REDURAN SPEZIAL etc.

Regenerating Creams
Skin care after work should not be seen as a merely cosmetic matter. Regular skin care supplies the skin with the skin lipids (fats), moisture and other important substances, which provide the skin with long-term care. This allows us to keep the skin healthy after work. Good skin care is another preventive measure representing the protection of health at work The appropriate skin product is selected with regards to the specific workplace , workload as well as to the skin type!
The key products in this category are STOKOLAN and STOKOLAN CLASSIC SOFT&CARE.

We offer these types of protective skin:

  • Dispensers
  • Sanitary hygiene
  • Industrial towels and wipes
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