Novinky item - II/2022 - EN

Modular solution for access doors All-round seal and rebate Low weight and custom configuration 2100 970 1010 2120 1050 Access Door 8 0.0.716.52 The highly functional solution for access doors! This new door solution features an all-round rebate. The automatic Drop Down Seal combines with Frame Profiles to create an all-round seal. The Access Door can be used from both sides and can safe- ly separate working areas. The aluminium Door Profile is weight-optimised so that even large doors can be opened and closed with ease. The components that make up the Access Door are available separately, but the solution can also be ordered as a ready-to- install Access Door in standard dimensions or with a custom configuration. The online configuration assistant will help you put together your solution in next to no time. Height, width, po- sitioning of the cross profile, panel infill and height of the door handle – everything can be adjusted without having to worry about the finer details.