Currently about supplies, operations and measures

Haberkorn, that is above all reliability! We are very pleased that this connection is still valid in the current difficult situation.

Our company responded in time and prepared for any restrictions in advance! We took all measures already in mid-March. So we work 100% and without limits.

More information about current operation, deliveries and measures taken can be found in this section. All communications are regularly updated.
Find answers to frequently asked questions below.


Current situation – reliably even now

  • Operation uninterrupted and unrestricted
  • All commonly available goods in stock even now
  • More then 80 sales department workers are comming back from home office to work
  • All employees are available on the same phone numbers and emails and are ready to help you with your orders
  • Simply, we are always here for you!

Stocking – warehouses are overflowing

  • We are ready as no other supplier
  • Since mid-March stock levels have been increased to the highest level ever! Warehouse now more than more than € 5.5 million!
  • Did your suppliers fail? Contact us!
  • We also secured goods from Italian suppliers in time


Deliveries of goods – if quickly, then from the e-shop

  • Personal collection at all branches temporarily cancelled
  • All goods is shipped in standard delivery terms
  • We still process orders from the e-shop preferentially
  • Payment on delivery is still possible but payment by card only
  • We ship goods to Slovakia without restrictions

Measures taken – health first

  • Our company is slowly returning to normal. Only some of taken measures remain in force.
  • Provided respirators for those employees who are in contact with the outside world
  • Provision of disinfectants for all workers
  • All employees are obliged to wear protective equipment
  • Increased hygiene measures adopted - daily disinfection of risk areas, all workers in facial masks, instructions for proper hand washing, etc.


How do we help? We think of others …

  • Delivered disinfectants for workers of the municipality of Mokré Lazce
  • We donated respirators and protective goggles from our own supplies to the Infection Clinic of the University Hospital in Ostrava
  • We supported the project of robotic line realization line for production of filters for respirators by supply of protective fencing. More information about the project here...

Frequently asked questions


Is any of our employees infected with COVID-19?
No, none of our emplyees is infected.

Are our branches open, is it possible to pick up goods here?
From 4. 5. 2020 our branches and shops are open again. They work without restrictions.

Are there any changes regarding working hours?
No, we are still here for you from 7:00am until 3:30pm.

Is it possible to contact customer service or sales department staff?
Definitely yes. All workers, including those working from home, are still available on the same phone numbers and emails as before the spread of the disease.

Can we arrange a visit of your sales representative in our company now?
From 11. 5. 2020 our sales representatives are fully available for you.

Is it possible to order goods from e-shop?
Yes, ordering goods from the e-shop works as always. This means that your order will still be handled preferentially over those we receive by email or other means.

Do you send orders paid at delivery?
Yes, we do. But payment is possible only by credit card.

Do you deliver goods to Slovakia?
Yes, we ship goods to Slovakia without changes, in standard delivery times.

Are there any restrictions in deliveries?
No, we ship all deliveries without restrictions and in standard delivery terms.

Are there increased hygiene measures in our company?
Yes, we have taken several measures. All employees wear mask on their workplaces, everybody is equipped with disinfectants for hand washing. Respirators are available to employees who come into contact with the outside environment - forwarders, postal delivery, etc. Cloth dish towels  were removed and replaced with disposable dish towel.