New in the assortment - Universal Robots cobots

We have started the cooperation with Universal Robots - the market leader in collaborative robots, so-called kobots.

Anyone can automate production processes now.

Cobots ofUniversal robots are easy to set up, maintenance-free and mainly safe. Working near people is not a problem for them.

Haberkorn has been the new Universal Robots distributor for the Czech Republic since mid-October 2021.

With their six-axis robotic arms, kobots are an ideal addition to a variety of industries.

Cobot is:

  • safe, reliable, maintenance-free
  • easily adjustable, time-saving to commissioning
  • powerful six-axis robotic arm
  • designed to work with people
  • more affordable (compared to a classic robot)


There are several types of cobots:

Small, but powerful (UR3e)

It can master a handling load of 3 kg and offers a range of movement of up to 500 mm. Thanks to 360° rotation on all joints and endless rotation on the end joint, it can easily handle highly accurate tasks in a small area.


Higher load capacity at low weight (UR5e)

Compared to the other cobots, this type is medium-sized, thanks to a load capacity of 5 kg and a range of movement up to 850 mm, it is ideal for automating processes where light weight is handled. Thanks to easy programming and quick installation, the UR5e delivers the ideal combination of size and power.


Effective in a larger space (UR10e)

It can automate tasks with a load of up to 12.5 kg with the same reliability and performance as the rest of the e-Series, and with a range of motion of up to 1.300 mm. Thanks to these features, it is able to engage in processes such as packaging, palletizing, assembly or "pick and place" in plants with greater distances between individual workstations.


With its small size, it can handle heavy loads (UR16e)

The small dimensions and range of movement of 900 mm make it an ideal candidate, for example, for applications related to the control of CNC machines, material handling, packaging or tightening of bolts and nuts.


Complete your work and assembly lines and make the work of your employees more effective, simply add them hand extra. The cobot will suitably complement the work of your machines, simply attach it on the frames or covers of the machines. Help yourself by the cobots at your conveyors and conveyor lines and let the cobots perform routine tasks. Your people will have time for more creative and complex work.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will prepare a solution tailored to your operation.

Updated: 13. 5. 2022