Maintenance free Chains IWIS

Are you looking for higher reliability and better efficiency chains in drive and transport applications? We would like to point out to chain of the German producer IWIS.

Maintenance free roller chains IWIS MEGAlige can be used in all areas where disposal is less accessible or even impossible. And also for all applications, where clean and dry conditions are required, where the equipment and the goods transported by the chain lubricant must not be contaminated. The range of their operating temperatures ranges from – 40 °C to +160 °C.

Maintenance free Chains  IWIS MEGAlifeThe MEGAlife chains are characterized by a number of innovative technical details:

  • seamless sintered case modified so that it does not need to be lubricated over the lifetime (1)
  • wear-resistant pin (2)
  • seamless roller also with a special layer resistant to wear and corrosion (3)
  • chains are nickel-plated

By using the MEGAlife chain, you get less downtime and significantly longer maintenance intervals, reduced maintenance costs and better performance - tensile strength and wear and fatigue resistance.

For the growing popularity of MEGAlife chains, we have greatly increased the stock of this chain.

Updated: 20. 9. 2018