Tube system – simple automation "Karakuri"

As the exclusive representative of the German company Item Industrietechnik GmbH for the Czech and Slovak market, we present a manual automation system that even allows you to automate your operations at low purchase costs!

It is about modular tube system LPS (D30), which can be also used to build the ever more demanding simple automation of the so-called "Karakuri". This manual mechanization system enables automation without the use of expensive electrical elements such as sensors, servomotors and drive-driven drives.

The core of the system is a 30 mm diameter pipe. With the use of other accessories and manufactured parts, simple tilting racks, slides, lifts etc., can be created using only gravity, human strength, springs.

The low weight of the assembly combined with the high stiffness of the construction or the possibility of linking the LPS tubular system with the standard MB square profiles, all ensure the LPS pipe system. Thanks to the ESD design, electrostatically sensitive products are protected during handling. All these benefits are preserved even when assembled as "Karakuri".

Try yourself and evaluate what this simple automation will do to you! All items are commonly available and deliver in usual delivery times.

Updated: 20. 9. 2018