ROSTA - our new top supplier of vibration technology

We would like to inform you about cooperation with the Swiss company ROSTA. We become the only authorized partner in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Rosta is a market leader in tensioning, damping and vibration techniques.

We can offer you the highest quality assortment for a very wide range of applications, traditionally also for chain or belt drives. The Rosta components are building kit, very simple, practical and primarily maintenance-free. Metal construction guarantees high safety compared to other design solutions.

We now offer the following product groups:

Rosta units can be fitted with various rubber mixture, which is guarantees  higher quality and maintenance-free operation at temperatures from -40 °C to +120 °C. These units are now safely replacing springs, shock absorbers, bearings and more often in the wood, paper and mining industries, transport, food and agriculture.

Updated: 20. 9. 2018