Couplings are an important machine component for transferring mechanical energy between the drive and driven machine shafts or between machine parts or mechanisms.

They eliminate axial, radial and angular misalignment, shock and torsional shaft oscillations, eliminate the influence of thermal expansion of the parts to be connected, ensure smooth start-up.

TRASCO® standard flexible couplings or HRC couplings ensure torque transmission, absorb peak load and angular vibrations. Coupling hubs vary in size and material used, and can be delivered as semi-finished products or as required (hole + slot, Taper Lock housing, long hubs, etc.).

Gear couplings with polyamide clamp SITEX® operate on the principle of double cardan, ie they compensate for higher radial deflections. Another type of gear couplings are with SITEX® ST steel sleeve. The special toothing profile allows high torques to be transmitted and, above all, to compensate for axial play. SITEX® FL and SITEX NYLEX® gear couplings (made entirely of polyamide) are designed for "light" applications.

Modern design element is the EuroGrip® clutch with a glass fiber reinforced rubber sleeve, providing excellent shape stability even at high speeds. The couplings are lightweight, with low inertia, designed, for example, for auxiliary motor drives such as alternator, power steering pump or air conditioning compressor.

We recommend the TRASCO® ES couplings, with a polyurethane flexible coupling, to provide a zero-torque and maintenance-free torque transmission during all machine operations in the area of ​​backlash free flexible couplings where low inertia and high reliability is necessary. Hubs of these couplings can be supplied without modification, with modification (bore, slot), GESF, with clamping hubs  GESM or GESA clamping tools, respectively GESAP designed for very high speeds. Dimensionally accurate polyurethane flexible couplings are available in four different hardnesses.

As an alternative to polyurethane backleash free flexible couplings, the SERVOPLUS® steel bellows couplings are suitable for servomotors, linear drives and other applications. METALDRIVE® disc couplings are also backlash-free and torsionally rigid couplings developed for high torque transmission even at higher speeds. In intermediate shaft design they are available for connecting long distances between the drive and driven shaft of the device.

Chain couplings or clamping locking devices can be advantageously used for easy applications and higher torque transmission, very simple bolt couplings are used for connecting shafts of the same diameters. JUBOFLEX® couplings have exceptional elastic properties - reduction of periodic non-uniformity and excellent damping of drive power peaks. In addition, these couplings tolerate disproportionately higher misalignment of the shaft axes.

Updated: 14. 5. 2019