Safety barriers – new in our assortment

We bring you our new offer of safety barriers for your warehouses and workplaces from Swedish company Axelent.

Change your dangerous zones to a safe place with the use of our safety barriers.

You will clearly mark passages, handling and storage areas in the warehouse and you will clearly define zones for machine operators. You will simply minimize the risk of your workers encountering handling equipment.

You can protect your employees and your equipment.

Safety barriers have wide range of aplications and you can find among them various columns, barriers and more.

Basic classification of safety barriers according to use:

  • FlexCore Bollard
  • Deflector Post
  • Goal Post
  • Pedestrian Barrier System
  • Pedestrian Barrier System with Crash Barrier
  • FlexCore Bollard GuardRail


Updated: 17. 4. 2020