Mobile screens against direct contact, disinfection stands

We bring you current news. In this time many of you are solving the problem how to protect your employees, not only against the outside world. What should we do, if it is not possible to prevent the direct contact of your employees among themselves?

Let´s use our protective screens! Whether for offices, assembly areas or as dispensing counters or goods receiving counters. Many variants are available and we find the ideal solution for every branches.

Disinfection stands are another way to increase the safety of your workers. If you have places in your branch where it is not possible to ensure usual hand washing, we recommend using our disinfection stands. And not only where your hands cannot be washed, disinfectants should be used everywhere. This reduces the risk of spreading disease among your workers. The stands can be supplemented with other accessories such as disposable gloves holders, protection glasses etc.

We offer several variants of protective screens and disinfectant stands. But we also adapt the solution to your individual requirements. Send us your idea, we will prepare an offer just for you.

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Updated: 17. 4. 2020