The latest generation of toothed wheel gear from the Gates

As one of the first company we introduce you to a special news from Gates® - the PowerGrip ™ GT4 ™ toothed belt.

This is a new maintenance free generation of belts with even more power than previous GT3®! Increase performance by up to 25 %.

Using new modern materials Gates® has developed an ethylene elastomer belt with the largest power transmission capacity and the widest temperature range of all belts in their range.

PowerGrip™ GT4™ is the latest premium rubber toothed belt. Thanks to the new ethylene elastomer and the improved low-stretch glass fiber cord, this belt is maintenance-free.
The new nylon fabric on the optimized tooth profile ensures that the belt also has a high efficiency of up to 98 %. When we compared with PowerGrip® GT3® differences is not only maintenance-free, but also better transmitted power, temperature and chemical resistance and many other properties.

PowerGrip™ GT4™

Why choose PowerGrip ™ GT4 ™?

  • longer service life, lower noise and easier installation
  • maintenance free
  • higher temperature range -40 ° C to +120 ° C (short-term +140 ° C)
  • higher feat up to 25% compared to GT3® belts
  • higher chemical resistance thanks to the new ethylene elastomer
  • optimized GT® tooth profile, compatible with HTD® pulleys
  • antistatic (ISO 9563), complies with direction 2014/34 / EU - ATEX
  • higher security

Available in profiles 8MGT4 and 14MGT4.


PowerGrip™ GT4™ – presentation of the belt


The use of PowerGrip™ GT4™ is really wide, from the textile industry to woodworking, paper, machining, food, packaging, automation or robotics. We also supply belts in atypical widths or in the PowerPaint design intended for paint shops.

Haberkorn and Gates, this is a long-standing partnership between two leaders in the field of engineering industry - you can read more about the partnership here.

Updated: 7. 1. 2021