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We are part of international group Haberkorn Group

The HABERKORN multinational group with an annual turnover of more than EUR 453 million ranks among the five largest technical distributors in Europe. Originally a family company with headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria, was founded in 1932. At first, the company grew mainly on the Austrian market, later expanding abroad. Haberkorn GmbH now operates in ten European countries.

Number One in Austria and leading position in Europe

At present the group operates in ten European countries and employs more than 2.200 employees in thirty branches. In Austria it is represented nationwide with local branches located in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Through its local offices, it knows regional conditions and specialties and can respond quickly and individually to the needs of industrial and construction companies in individual markets.

Haberkorn Group further extension

Haberkorn Group took over the industrial supplier Schloemer from German Recklinghausen from 1 January 2020. Haberkorn Group expanded their activities on the German and also European technical market.

Schloemer company is a leading specialist of safety and industrial technology and operating over the Europe. The company's product range is wide and includes personal protective equipment, hoses technology, fire protection, conveyor belts and hall equipment.

Haberkorn Group with subsidiaries Mühlberger, Sahlberg and Schloemer is a leader in German market.

Haberkorn, that is always something extra

The Haberkorn Group does not only offer the product but also the relevant expertise across the whole range. The team of experts will answer not only your questions about the product but will also advise you on logistics and recommend range of services. At customer's request, it delivers individual solutions tailored to your needs. Each shipment thus contains something extra in the form of added services.

The offer of Haberkorn Group is really wide

The group's offer is very extensive and includes a range of technical products, protective equipment and an additional range. 100,000 items are in stock. Haberkorn Online-Shop then offers more than 200,000. We will also be happy to provide you with items from this offer.

Own brand of producst - H-plus

Austrian headquarters Haberkorn GmbH also supplies products under its own brand H-Plus. These products are the right thing if you are looking for an ideal price / performance ratio, good quality and fast availability. For a great price, you get renowned H-Plus brand products. We ship these products within 24 hours. This is an example of personal protective equipment, industrial hoses, etc.