The item Automation System

3 Controller and accessories The Software: Really intelligent! item MotionDesigner ® is your accomplished automation expert. This intelligent software covers everything and factors in your dynamic requirements and technical param- eters (operating load, stroke, speed). The step-by-step dialogue in item MotionDesigner ® guides you through the process of defining your transport operation and developing a truly customised solution. The genius of the system is that the description you build up during configuration is used as the basis for commission- ing your item linear motion unit ® . If required, item MotionSoft ® commissioning software can use this existing data. This speeds up the process of installing item linear motion units ® , which are supplied ready-to-install. The intelligent item Controller analyses the Linear Unit independently, finds the optimum setting and can adopt the motion profile from item MotionDesigner ® .  The technology: Really complete! The item linear motion unit ® is the all-in-one turnkey solu- tion for your automation needs. Intelligent software also speeds up configuration and commissioning processes. An ecosystem of various Linear Units, Motors and Con- trollers produces a customised automation solution that is tailored to your requirements. An item linear motion unit ® is a made-to-measure combi- nation of: Linear Unit: 26 systems with various drive and guide technologies, optimised for speed, payload, precision and stroke length. Motor: Highly dynamic synchronous servomotors for short cycle times and dependable precision, including mainte- nance-free gearboxes and optimised Drive Sets. Controller: Motion profiles can be implemented directly in the Controller, meaning a PLC is often unnecessary, but can be connected if required. item Controllers are intelli- gent, safe and support all standard fieldbus systems. Cables and accessories: Enjoy maximum safety and rapid installation, thanks to tamper-proof connectors and colour coding. The service: Completely correct! You can’t know everything. That is why item offers you service and support over the entire lifecycle of your auto- mation solution. Our team of specialists advises you from the idea right through to the finished system. The innovative item MotionDesigner ® software ensures that everything is compatible and nothing is missing. Thanks to coordinated components that are supplied ready-to-install, an item linear motion unit ® saves you time and money and eliminates typical sources of error. For all other questions, item is always on hand to help:  Technical advice: Whether during selection, installation or commissioning, item can help you on the phone, via e-mail or even in person, thanks to the many item customer advisers.  End-to-end project engineering: Advice and support for development work – use the expertise of experienced project engineers and technicians to make sure your needs are met precisely.  Training: Training pays off! Our experts can provide you and your staff with customised training on site.