Joint and Cardan Shafts

Technical Annex  Service Phone Europe  + 49 (0) 71 42 / 353-0  Service Phone North America  + 1 – 2 6 9 / 6 3 7 7 9 9 9  Catalog  Spare parts  Drive-Shaft Calculation  Installation and Maintenance  184 Technical Annex 10.3 Lubrication guidelines ELBE cardan-drive-shafts are normally equip- ped with 3 cone-grease-nipples DIN 71412. Thereby every joint will be greased over per grease nipple, the third nipple serves for relu- brication of the spline profile. This nipple is omitted for plastic-coated lenght extensions. 10.3.1 Lubricants • Temperature range -30ºC up to max. +70ºC: For relubrication of the drive shafts use only lithium-saponified greases of con- sistency class 2 with penetration 265/295 and drop point approx. 180ºC. The lubrications may not contain MoS2 - additives. • Temperature range up to approx. +160ºC, temporarily up to 180º C ( High-tempe- rature-version ): use HT-greases of the consistency 1 or 2. Special versions up to +250ºC are partly also available. • Temperature range from approx. -60ºC up to +110ºC (low-temperature-version): use TT-greases of the consistency 1 or 2. 10.4 Technical information • Before lubricating clean grease nipples! • The relubrication of the spline-length- extension should be carried out at com- pressed length S min or in the shortest operation status (vehicle loaded). Non-ob- servance may result in excess axial forces. • Air vent may not be taken off or be replaced by standard grease nipples. • The lubricant may not be pressed in with excessive pressure or with hard lubrication impact. • Max. permitted lubrication pressure: 20 bar . • The cross units have to relubricated over the grease nipples in the centre of the cross or on the bottom of a bearing hou- sing of the cross. It must be ensured that grease is pressed in until it leaks from all four seals of each bearing . • This is the only way to ensure that all four bearings have received fresh grease. • Some versions of double drive-shafts are equipped with a grease nipple on the centre piece of the joint, over which both cross joints can be relubricated at the same time through lubrication ducts ( central lubrication ). • Drive shafts that are stored more than 6 months have to be lubricated before starting. 10.5 Control information • Fittings and connection flanges have to be checked for firm connection. • Drive shafts should be checked in operati- on for abnormal noises or vibrations, to determine the cause and initiate repair work. • Before lubrication, check the driveshaft for looseness in the joints or splines. • The connection side of the drive shaft flan- ges and companion flanges must be clea- ned before installation. They must not be greased or oiled. • Corrosion inhibitors and paint residues must be thouroughly removed. Possible light transportation damage should be cor- rected (nicks and scratches). • Companion flanges have to be checked for face and OD runout. Technical Questionnaire for the selection of Double Cardan Transmission Shafts Customer: Phone: E-Mail: Vehicle manufacturer: Date for prototypes: Issuers name: Fax: Date: Adress: Vehicle model: Start of production: Annual volume: over x years Type of vehicle Agricultural tractor  Construction machine  Military vehicle  Earth moving machine  Commercial vehicle   Number of wheels x number of driven wheels 4 x 4  6 x 6  8 x 8   Axle data Max. axle input torque TAi [Nm] Max. axle input speed nAi [min -1 ] Differential gear ratio iD Wheel hub ratio iH Torque distribution left / right incl. differential lock Ds / [%] Max. braking torque TBr [Nm] Max. axle load FA [N] Axle weight distribution left / right DL / [%] Tyres Static load radius Rs [mm] Dynamic load radius Rd [mm] Friction coefficient  Data for life time calculation Kind of operation Continuous torque [Nm] Continuous speed [min -1 ] Continuous angle [  °] (1) Time [%] (1) Steering angle Requested lifetime: [h] Functional requirements Max. axle steering angle ß [  °] Max. service temperature T Pmax [° C] Min. service temperature T Pmin [° C] Peak temperatures T peak max [+° C] T peak min [-° C] Comments 10.3.2 Maintenance-free Cardan Shafts • Maintenance-free versions of our shafts are possible in certain applications. • However, the following factors in application and operating conditions are important to consider : – High ambient temperatures – Unfavorable angle/speed ratios • Furthermore, deterioration of the lubri- cation needs to be considered. Since no relubrication is possible, we recommend periodic replacement of the spider units .