The Lean Production Building kit System

3 Factory equipment This is what lean production looks like! Aluminium profiles and fasteners D30 can be assembled directly on site to build sturdy racks and factory equipment in next to no time. All connections are stable as soon as they are tightened, but can always be modified to accommodate subsequent changes in working processes. Whether racks for material supply or custom-designed work benches – there’s no simpler solution. Intralogistics This is how to keep goods moving! Intralogistics solutions benefit from heavy-duty castors and a combination of aluminium tubes and die-cast aluminium fasteners. This approach ensures transport trolleys can withstand the constant stresses and strains of day-to-day work. The end result is high availability and minimum maintenance costs. Special com- ponents for shooter solutions minimise the need for manual interventions to keep materials flowing smoothly. Material flow This is how to keep fresh supplies coming in! A simple approach to build- ing flow racks and a huge selection of roller conveyors support straight- forward handling practices for standardised containers and workpiece carriers Even sensitive goods, soft protective packaging and bulky parts can be safely transported and stored using specialised solutions. Low-cost automation – the mechanical solution This is how to do more! Mechanical automation that doesn’t require drives, electricity or compressed air takes the strain off workers and makes processes more efficient. Moving components can create rockers, container storage facilities and mechanisms for lifting containers and changing the direction of travel and can be integrated into small spaces.