The Lean Production Building kit System

The Lean Production Building Kit System. Comprehensive Catalogue 1
Build what lean production needs – the simple way. 2
Register 4
Profiles and accessories. 6
Profiles and accessories: Products in this section. 7
Fasteners. 23
Fastening technology: Products in this section. 24
Fastening elements. 52
Fastening technology: Products in this section. 53
Floor elements. 75
Floor elements: Products in this section. 76
Material flow. 89
Material flow: Products in this section. 90
An overview of the item roller conveyors. 91
Roller Conveyor St D30. 92
Roller Conveyor St 60x24 D15. 94
Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E D30. 96
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30. 98
Roller Conveyor 8 D30. 100
Individual parts for Roller Conveyors 6 and 8. 102
Low-cost automation – the mechanical solution. 168
LoCwA – lo-coswt aut-cost automation – tomation he mechanical solution: Products in this section. 169
Technical data. 176
Technical data – profiles and accessories. 177
Mounting dimensions of Roller Conveyors St and Al, including Fastening Brackets. 179
Helpful complementary elements from the item MB Building Kit System. 180
Find useful products faster – an overview of popular search entries. 181
Alphabetical Register. 182
Other item product catalogues. 184