Standard parts

Operating elements, Machine and fixture elements, Clamping elements, Angle joints and clevises, Silent-blocks and levelling elements, Drill bushes and lubricating nipples, Workholding systems

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Standard parts form the second separate group of the Machinery Elements division. The range of product here offers superior items made by world leading manufacturers of standard parts, which are use in various applications involved in the construction of machinery and equipment. One of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of standardised parts, represented by our company in the Czech and Slovak Republic, is the German-based Erwin Halder KG. The company provides an integrated line of standard parts (machinery, fixture elements, operating and clamping elements) and parts for the construction of jigs and fixtures.
Our range of standard parts also comprises items by other producers listed in one catalogue under the title “Standard parts”. This catalogue includes but is not limited to the following items: operating elements of plastic and aluminium, angle joints, silent-blocks, drill bushes and others.

Our consulting engineers are ready to introduce you to the range of our products and the capacities of the division; they will provide you with catalogues and help you in finding solutions to concrete applications.

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  • Technical consulting and support for free
  • Detailed catalogues in hardcopies and electronic formats
  • Short lead times
  • A wide range of components from a single supplier


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