Armatures for industrial hoses

Industrial hoses have a very wide range of application and therefore the accessories to these hoses are very extensive. The end caps can be purchased separately or mounted in the hose. The most commonly used are Lüdecke pneumatic couplings, tempering clutches, STORZ couplings, lever couplings (Kamlok), cast iron fittings. The end cap is anchored in the hose either by a sleeve or buckle, only in the case of socket couplings it is only attached to the Lock-On Plus hose (without buckles).

Connectors Lüdecke

The most widely used and known are couplings from the German manufacturer Lüdecke. Brass couplings are used for air and water, stainless for aggressive media and specific conditions. Pneumatic couplings quickly and safely connect your tools and equipment. GEKA bayonet couplings for water for "profi" and "hobby" use. Tempering quick couplings are used in plastics production, where they are used to connect injection molds. Plug-in quick-release couplings in combination with Lock-On Plus hoses guarantee easy and firm connection without the need for additional buckles.

How to connect fittings and hoses

Depending on the type of hose and the application there are different connection options. The simplest sockets are combined with Lock-On Plus hoses, which only fit into the hose. It is simple to mount a hose with jaw and screw clamps made of galvanized and stainless steel, where you can tighten only 1-2 screws. Without the need for special equipment, the sleeves can also be mounted on the hose, consisting of two half circles, which are pulled by four screws. The STORZ couplings used on fire and industrial hoses are wire-wrapped with a simple product. To assemble a press sleeve, you need a manual or electric press that pushes the sleeve and closes the end of the hose. Both low pressure and high pressure sleeves are used.