Conveyors and Conveyors system

Conveyors are developted by our company using our own components and components of kit system ITEM. All types of conveyors are produced and tailored according to customer´s wishes.

Our top technical products include for example belt conveyors MINI 24 V, which due to their small dimensions and compact construction, are suitable for installation in machines with limited space. Their special drive allows to control of speed with a voltage in the range of 10-28 V without torque loss or curved belts 60C which are suitable for changing the direction of the flow of traffic. While retaining the product orientation and the new drive connection design, they have a more compact size and pallet conveyors, which are patented and reliable systems suitable for production and assembly lines, working with high accuracy and repeatability (suitable for precise line operations with precise positioning).

Updated: 13. 11. 2018