Chain monitoring and maintenance

The chain elongation monitoring system

We added CCM monitoring device to our e-shop monitoring device CCM, which will allow you to detect wear on your chain and ensure timely replacement. You don´t have be afraid of complicated montage.

The monitoring device works on a “plug and play” system, so it is not necessary do calibration etc. You can transfer the measured values to your computer using a USB cable and then you can work with the measured values.

Chain maintenance

Avoid defects and extend the life of the chains through regular maintenance and lubrication. The most important factor is choose suitable lubricant.

The following abnormalities may be signs of insufficient subsequent lubrication:

  • metal dust / metal rust
  • unusual noise, whistling
  • unusually large chain extensions
  • heavy wear on sprockets
  • increased drive motor power consumption
  • thermal color / mat

We recommended:

Spray VP6 SuperPlus

Fully synthetic, high grip chain oil for high operating temperatures. Suitable for all industrial chain applications.

Spray VP8 FoodPlus

Chain lubrication grease for food industry applications. Thanks to the excellent wear protection properties combined with a wide temperature range and corresponding food safety certificates, it can be used in a wide range of applications in the food industry.

Updated: 4. 12. 2019