Hydraulic hose fittings are used to attach the hose to the hydraulic system. The hose is pressed with a ferrule. We supply only fittings or finished hoses with already pressed fittings. The fittings are fastened to the system by means of a thread of metric or inch thread, depending on the type of connection (DKL, DKOL, DKOS, CEL, CES, DKM, MDKOS, MCES, DKR, DKOR, DKRF, AGR, AGR-K, AGN, AGRF, MDKOR, MAGR, RNR, DKJ, AGJ, MDKJ, MAGJ, ORFS, RFS, MRFS) or by means of a flange (SFL, SFS, MSF).

Fittings by Tieffe

You can use the highest quality fitting caps with all types of threads and threads from Tieffe.
The Italian manufacturer Tieffe has been one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of hydraulic connectors for more than 40 years. Fittings and sleeves are produced from galvanized steel.

Fittings by Gates

To the Gates hoses from the MegaSys® product line, using for extreme stress conditions, we supply special MegaCrimp® fittings designed for single and double-ended hoses and GlobalSpiral™ terminals that are designed for spiral hoses.