Hydraulic accessories

The ball valve is a necessary element for controlling the circulation of the medium in the hydraulic system. We offer cocks of various designs and materials from the Pister brand. We also supply various types of pressure gauges, measuring points, hoses and other necessary accessories for pressure gauges. Hydraulic adapters complement the range and a wide range of seals necessary for the construction and proper operation of hydraulic devices.

Ball valves PISTER

By default we offer two-way and three-way ball valves of the renowned German manufacturer PISTER with BSP connecting threads and light and heavy series according to DIN 2353. We also offer stainless, high pressure, panel, flanged and lockable cocks. Alternatively, we can offer valves and valves according to individual specifications.

Manometers and vacuometers

We offer gauges and vacuum gauges in three basic designs, dry, with glycerine filling and digital. Dry gauges are suitable for simple measurement under less demanding conditions. Glycerine gauges are designed for more demanding conditions where vibration, humidity or other harsh effects occur on the manometer. Glycerin also reduces the vibration of the manometer and makes it easier to read out the measured values. We can also offer pressure gauges as a measuring set in a case containing a manometer, measuring tubes and measuring points for connection to the system.

Hydraulic adapters

Hydraulic adapters are used to connect to a body, connect or reduce other components of the hydraulic system. Adapters include all types of threads and sealing cones, except for connecting elements according to DIN 2353.
Available in these designs - direct, angular, adjustable, reductive, adjustable, connecting, elongated, T-couplings, throats, elbows, fittings, plugs, plugs, inserts and sleeves,
Adapters are made of galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Hydraulic seals

We supply complete gaskets for components for the production of hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic seal is made in high quality. We offer flat copper and USIT sealing washers, NBR or FPM o-rings together with support rings, wiper rings, guiding straps and rings, sealing cuffs and folded piston rod and piston seals. The sealing is also made of various types of material, such as NBR, PU, ​​FPM (Viton), PTFE, PTFE-Bronze. The choice of sealing material depends on the pressure and temperature of the medium and also on the speed of movement. Standard dimensions are normally in stock. The advantage is quality, price and a short delivery date.