Hydraulic hoses

We offer hydraulic hoses and accessories of renowned manufacturers. The standard Semperit and SEL hoses complement the Gates fittings and Gates premium hoses, which are used in extreme stress conditions. The hoses are available in the footage or TIEFFE branded end caps (TIEFFE terminals are used to reinforce the Semperit and SEL hoses). You can buy mechanical or thermal protectors, quick couplings, fittings, adapters, pressure gauges, ball valves, brackets and many other components.

Custom hoses

Our hydraulic hoses meet a variety of requirements for pressure, temperature, bending, media and operating conditions. We will recommend a suitable hose for your application to suit your needs. The hoses are complemented by a clutch and accessories system so you can build almost any hydraulic circuit. A wide range of goods in the central warehouse and at individual branches allow us to quickly handle customer orders.

Premium hoses Gates

Gates MegaSys® Hydraulic Hoses are especially designed for extremely heavy duty hydraulic applications, with even the toughest operating conditions thanks to abrasion-resistant surfaces. It is a combination of hydraulic hose and end caps providing top performance, versatility, simplicity and maximum usable value, also saving costs.
For all MegaSys® hoses, peak performance with numerous hydraulic cycles and bends is achieved, excellent pressure resistance and compact bending radius, exceeding the requirements of internationally recognized standards.
With the MegaSys® premium program, we also offer the Pro2T - EN857 2 SC hydraulic hoses that are flexible and easy to install and install in hard-to-reach areas.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

We are doing our best to make your work easier! Are you among those who prefer to work with printed catalogues rather then with the electronic ones? Then one of our above standard services is for you. All catalogues, brochures or flyers we send to our customers by mail upon request for free.