In our assortment you will find everything you need for the production, operation and maintenance of your hydraulic equipment. We offer hydraulic hoses with all accessories, hydraulic fittings, tube holders, roller manufacturing components and many other items. Quality, reliability and delivery speed are our priorities in choosing suppliers. We treat each order individually to find the most appropriate solution for customer satisfaction. You can find our offer in the catalog or in the e-shop.

CAD database of hydraulic components

You do not have time to draw each component when designing a device? Use CAD drawings of hydraulic components in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD libraries:

The database contains more than 7,000 unique parts. All parameters and materials are the same as those we will deliver to you.

We work with the best ones

We rely on long-standing relationships with our reliable suppliers of renowned brands. Our goods are produced in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada. Most of our suppliers operate globally, so there is no problem getting spare parts for machines and equipment delivered abroad if needed. Thanks to the large warehouse space, we can hold a large amount of turnkey goods in stock and deliver within 24 hours, or deliver them to one of three branches in the Czech Republic.

Fittings VOSS – ZnNi surface finish

Zinc-nickel finish provides significantly higher corrosion resistance than standard galvanized steel (FeZn). Even after 1.000 hours in the salt chamber, parts of the corrosion show no signs of corrosion. Surface treatment is a multi-year standard with our VOSS fittings and is now available as optional terminals and hose sleeves. Zinc-nickel is more affordable alternative to stainless steel under difficult conditions.