Work and safety shoes

In the range of footwear we offer a wide range of work, safety and leisure footwear of leading Czech and foreign manufacturers, in many designs for use in various work situations, or industries. Each customer and his / her requirements are always treated individually and we strive to offer a tailor-made solution. Therefore, if you need to provide the right work and safety shoes for your employees, contact our custom department.

Work and safety shoes

The offer of footwear in the PPE segment is today quite wide and every year there are constantly growing new and new models. Our shoes can be simply divided into working (meeting the basic requirements according to EN ISO 20347) and safety (meeting the requirements of EN ISO 20345).

Working footwear can be distinguished from safety footwear by marking by the letter O (occupational) supplemented most often with numbers 1-3 or the letter B. On the other hand safety shoes are marked with the letter S (safety).

In addition, we can meet footwear specially adapted for a variety of uses - ESD, protection against contact heat, fuel oils, water, etc.

In recent years, the footwear range has expanded to include the outdoor footwear segment, which is very popular in operations without the need for work and safety footwear, or is used as a leisure footwear.

Quality Haberkorn H-Plus

It is often important to get excellent quality at a reasonable price, in addition to good product availability. Haberkorn takes all these needs into account by guaranteeing our own product quality under our own H-Plus brand!
In the range of footwear we offer high quality footwear under our own brand H-Plus, which not only meets the highest demands on safety footwear, but also provides its users with maximum comfort during all-day wear.