Personal protective equipment

We offer complex services in the field of supply of personal protective equipment, both standard and specific solutions, based on the individual requirements of our customers. We focus on high quality products from leading Czech and world manufacturers and brands, meeting European safety standards and regulations.


In the Czech Republic, we are the largest supplier of quality garments from German company PLANAM. This is an offer not only of work but also of warning and many-time clothing. The popular color combinations, sophisticated cuts, and imaginative accessories  along with quality are the main criterion why customers like returning to these garments. We offer fast delivery to our customers and we can add corporate logo in the form of embroidery or printing to the garments.

Quality Haberkorn H-Plus

It is often important to get excellent quality at a reasonable price, in addition to good product availability. Haberkorn takes all these needs into account by guaranteeing our own product quality under our own H-Plus brand!

Specifically these are protective goggles, filter masks, work gloves and a wide range of work and safety clothing and H-Plus shoes. All these products provide maximum protection and safety while maintaining modern design, comfort and high quality. In addition we also offer paper and polypropylene industrial cloths under the H-Plus brand, which are an important help for maintaining cleanliness in workplaces.

Safety knives MARTOR

We offer complex solution for cutting, especially in the field of safety knives. Thanks to many years of cooperation with the German manufacturer of safety knives MARTOR, we are also a specialist in safe cutting. With an increasing emphasis on safer working conditions, we help prevent injuries caused by the use of inappropriate work tools in the form of uncertified knives.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

We are doing our best to make your work easier! Are you among those who prefer to work with printed catalogues rather then with the electronic ones? Then one of our above standard services is for you. All catalogues, brochures or flyers we send to our customers by mail upon request for free.