Protective Gloves

Hand protection in every working situation while keeping all safety requirements while keeping comfort while wearing - that's our goal we share with our customers. We offer many types of protective gloves of various materials that provide protection against mechanical risks, cuts, thermal risks caused by heat or cold and also due to chemicals or dangerous voltages.

Dielectric gloves ELECTROSOFT

Haberkorn is a direct importer and distributor of ELECTROSOFT dielectric gloves designed to protect against dangerous voltage from Class 00 (500 V) to Class 4 (36,000 V).
We supply both ELECTROSOFT LATEX and ELECTROSOFT LATEX ROT standard dielectric gloves, through which OVERGLOVE outer protective gloves or ELECTROSOFT COMPOSITE combined gloves have an integrated protective layer allowing them to be used without upper protective gloves.


HABERKORN is a distributor of ATG branded gloves which are unique due to their characteristics. One of the advantages is the use of patented Sanitized technology (protection against odors and sweat). In addition, ATG gloves are dermatologically certified dermatologically as anti-allergenic and are therefore marketed as the world's most skin-friendly skin gloves. Completely unbeatably the best is also the patented breathable glove coating.