Tube couplings

We offer a hydraulic fittings of the leading German manufacturer VOSS, ranging from standard designs to special solutions for extreme pressure loads and mechanical stresses. VOSS 24° fittings comply with ISO 8434-1, DIN 2353. It is one of the most widespread hydraulic fittings and can be used to replace the fittings of other world manufacturers. The advantages of the VOSS fittings are mainly the quality of materials, VOSS zinc-nickel finish and, and last but not least, the new VOSSRingM cutting ring.

CAD database of hydraulic screwing

You do not have time to draw each component when designing a device? Use CAD drawings of hydraulic screwing in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD libraries:

Screwing VOSS

The advantages of VOSS fittings are mainly the quality of the materials used, the excellent VOSS zinc-nickel finish, easy assembly and high reliability. All VOSS fittings are compact in size and can be simply assembled. There is an extra light, lightweight and heavy duty range according to the working pressure and dimensions. All fittings are designed and tested for a failure pressure that is 4 times higher than nominal. This type of fitting seals perfectly, resists alternating bending moment, pressure changes and prevents dripping over joints. These can be repeatedly disconnected and reconnected, which is especially important for service and repairs.

Surface finish VOSS coat

Zinc-nickel is a premium coating that provides significantly higher corrosion resistance than standard galvanized steel (FeZn). Even after 2,000 hours in the salt chamber, parts  do not show signs of red corrosion. Zinc-nickel finishing has been the standard of VOSS fittings since 2007. With its own electrolytic line, a test and development laboratory, VOSS maintains a lead in quality and innovation in surface finishing. VOSS coat meets European Parliament Directive 2000/53 / ES and is therefore suitable for the automotive industry.

New cutting ring

The new VOSSRingM cutting ring offers all of the benefits of the previous generation, while setting a higher level of quality and reliability. Particular attention has been paid to the simplicity of assembly and reliability against fluid leakage during the development, using extremely durable materials. As a result, the ring is reliable both in assembly and application. Already since 2007 VOSS has been used as a standard zinc-nickel finish and the same applies to VOSSRingM cutting rings. To prevent confusion with older ring types, VOSSRingM is black coated. VOSS development engineers have revamped every angle and overall VOSSRingM profile in order to achieve excellence. Enhanced profile provides the ring maximum tightness of the connection. The new profile is reinforced in areas that are most stressed and the patented stop edge ensures correct assembly.

Product videos

VOSSRing M VOSSRingM Pre assembly Type80N3 VOSSRingM
VOSSFormVA Pre assembly VOSSFormVA Final assembly