Belt drives

You do not know which from many belt drives you should use for your new gear? Or do you maybe solve traffic application? We will help you design new solution or adjust what you have problems with. We can also teach you how to design your own gears. Or you are not successful with funding new belt for old new? Then you can use our extraordinary warehouse.

We are the most successful technical distributor of belts GATES. In our offer we also have top belts suitable for applications with highest performance and extreme conditions and also reliable belts for productive running. And for traffic applications we will provide you polyurethane belts in inexhaustible modifications: with layers, carriers, openings or dimensions made-to-measure. We supply the whole gear including belt pulley and sleeves. And our tools will help you with the right installation of the gear.

Calculations of belt drives

If you propose new belt drive or if you would like to optimize or control existing one, please feel free to contact us. We will help you with specifications for calculation and we will propose such belt drive which will be most suitable for your application. We will subsequently deliver drive and help with the right assembly. If you would like to design belt drives by yourselves, we will provide you for free Design Flex® ProTM, calculation software from company GATES.

Fast availability

Our central warehouse in Mokré Lazce is among the best equipped warehouses in Europe. We stock mainly high-powered V-belts GATES Quad Power. In case of accident use segmented V-belts which you can connect to any required length. Most of V-belt pulleys for Taper Lock®, which you can find also in our catalogue we supply also directly from our warehouse. You will receive ordered goods the next working day. Unstored items will be delivered within one week.

Belt drives custom-made

We complement wide range of standard and nonstandard products with our own production capacities for custom-made elements. We size standard belt drives according to your requirements so that you can install them directly. In cases where it is not possible to use standard belt drives we will provide or produce custom-made pulley in required design, material and with surface finish. And that is for most of known profiles: T, AT, CTB, HTD, MR and PC.