Cases and cartridges

To fasten pulley, chain or toothed gear or any other cartridge for shaft you can use conical clamping bushes TaperLock which are made in many dimensional variants. If you do not wish to weaken shaft with groove for spring, use cylindrical clamping sleeves. You will make assembly and positioning on shaft easier.

Clamping systems CAD database

Do you have not time to draw every single part for the clamping systems construction? Use the CAD database of drawings for clamping systems and standard parts in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD libraries:

Database contains more than 7.000 unique parts. All parameters and materials are consistent with parts which we subsequently deliver to you.

Fast availability

Our central warehouse in Mokré Lazce is among the best equipped warehouses in Europe. Most of fixture bushings which you can find in our catalogue we supply directly from our warehouse. You will receive ordered goods the next working day. Unstored items will be delivered within one week.

Consulting service with installation

You are not sure which sleeve is the right one for your application? And how to assembly it? Please look into our catalogues or contact us and we will be very happy to help you.

Marek Volný

Technical consultant

Marek Volný

Technical consultant

Specialist for toothing, tensioners, cases and cartridges
Has communication with customers in one