Chain drives

We will help you solve the whole system: from chains, to chain gears, stretchers to chain guides and mounting devices for both the drive applications and transport applications. If you require accucary and service life, we will recommend German high-powered chains IWIS. We offer the widest assortment in precise chains from the biggest Chinese producer Donghua. In our offer you can also find economical chains for devices where the use of precise chains is not necessary. And if you are not able to find in our programme of 4, 000 standard chain gears the chain gear for you, then we will produce it according to design documentation in our machining shops.

CAD database of belts

You do not have time to draw each component when designing a device? Use CAD drawings of chain in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD libraries:

The database contains more than 7,500 unique parts. All parameters and materials are the same as those we will deliver to you.


IWIS chains CCM chain condition monitoring IWIS IWIS b.dry

Custom-made chain gears

We complement wide range of standard and nonstandard products with our own production capacities for custom-made parts. We size standard chain gears according to your requirements so that you can install them directly. In cases where it is not possible to use standard chain gear we will provide or produce custom-made gears in required design, material and with surface finish.

Chain modifications

Have you been waiting too long for your chain? In our workshop in Mokré Lazce we modify chains faster than any other producer. We split roller chains and connect them to required length. We assembly different chain carriers for transport applications. We keep in stock chains and wide range of connectors and carriers. That is why we start with assembly right after ordering.