Components of hydraulic cylinders

We offer all components for the production of hydraulic cylinders - precision seamless tubes, piston rods, hydraulic lines. We deliver it in production lengths or divide it according to individual requirements.The offer is supplemented by welding or screwing eyes, piston rod guides, piston heads, cylinder covers and complete cylinder seals.

Piston rods

Piston rods are coated on the surface with a layer of chrome, which ensures perfect smoothness and minimal friction.
According to the conditions in which the piston rod will be used, it is possible to choose from several material variants:
20MnV6 - the most used material in an environment where there is no mechanical damage or surface corrosion
42CrMo4 surface induction hardened - use for highly mechanically stressed components and in areas where mechanical damage to the rod surface (eg. quarries, ...)
For use in corrosive environments (rain, snow, sea climate) stainless steel piston rod or rod with the above-mentioned Nikrom-coated materials can be used.

Tubes for hydraulic cylinders

E355 + SR steel is the most common and most widely used tube material for the production of hydraulic cylinders. Exact, cold-drawn tubes with a rolled inner surface. Surface roughness Ra <0.2 μm. Tolerance H8, weldability guaranteed. On demand, we also supply welded tubes in tolerance H9 with honed inner surface.
We supply dimensions in the range of 20 - 200mm (internal diameter).

Hydraulic pipes

Hydraulic pipes are used for hydraulic oil distributions where machine parts are not moving. The advantage of hydraulic pipes is their ductility, so that they can be adapted to different shapes of the pipe bender. In conjunction with the VOSS ring and VOSS screwing, it can be connected or divided into multiple circuits.