News in kit systems profiles I / 2022

New ideas for your designs – this year's spring news from company item are again product and digital innovations. They will help you develop the potential of your constructions even more.

The perfect use of all the advantages of the item kit systems is applied, for example, in the solution of item conveyor systems.

The new interactive e-paper News I/2022 will introduce to you the latest components, functional improvements and news in online configurators, including video links and additional information.

interactive e-paper News I/2022

Workbenches and assembly tables

Easy construction of a workbench with a mechanical lift by using a set of table legs "K". Ideal for workbenches combining minimal material consumption and ergonomic height adjustment without the need for power supply - operated by a mechanical handle.

There are two available versions - a set of table legs 8 80x40 K and a set of table legs D40/D30 K.

Automation system

The new linear unit GSF 6 60 TR 12x3 combines a sliding guide with low friction and is driven by a trapezoidal screw 12x3.

Other innovations include the 6 60 D12-1 parallel drive set, which saves space and allows the connection of any drive with a shaft diameter of up to 14 mm. Handwheel D60 D12, enabling manual control of linear guides series 6. Cross support plate for easy and quick fixing of linear axes and profiles series 6 and 8.

item conveyors systems

The item conveyors system combines the strengths of a kit system with a advanced modular construction, focused on durability and cost minimization. There are four conveyor solutions to help you maximize productivity in transporting material.


item Engineeringtool

Thanks to the Engineeringtool item, you will solve typical tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before. The preview clearly visualizes the orientation options for parts and assemblies. Everything online, without installation and with the permanent addition of other elements.

Smart filters and lists guide you directly to the right components in the integrated product catalog. Fasteners can be retrofitted at any time during construction to make them more suitable. 


item Industrietechnik GmbH

The company item Industrietechnik GmbH is primarily the quality of the delivered products and services. One principle applicable to infinitely many solutions.

CAD database of kit systems profiles

Don't have time to draw each part of equipment construction separately? Use a database of CAD drawings of kit systems profiles in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD library:

item on-line catalog - CAD library
item - CAD library (server TraceParts) 
item - CAD library (server SolidComponents)

The database contains more than 7,500 unique parts. All parameters and materials are identical to the parts that we will then deliver to you.

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Updated: 6. 6. 2022