X-Guard accessories of safety fences

Create organized and safe workplace with maximum efficiency and space saving with accessories of safety fences X-Guard®.

X-Guard® is the most flexible system of safety fences for machine frames, which offers you a lot of combination and possibilities. Doors and panels are designed for better possibility and are easily changed. You can easily change orientation of hinge doors and locks.

All system excels in range of assortment, which you can use. The most interesting are wire trays for X-Guard® which are zinc plated in black to give a stylish and integrated impression. The product is durable, quick and easy to install, as like as all X-Guard system.

Installation of fence X-Guard - Instructional video

We would like to inform you also about QUICK-ON accessories includes tools holders, aids or documentation. It helps you for better organization of your workplaces.

If you want to avoid impractical and unused fences corners in your workplace, X-GUARD® CONTOUR is the best solution for you with rounded panels.

Of course you can use different types of locks, doors and accessories.

X-Guard® is type of fences offers you solutions for every workplaces, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated: 15. 1. 2019