Personal protective equipment

As a leading Czech industrial distributor we also offer comprehensive professional services in the field of supply of protective equipment. As part of our collaboration we offer our customers both standard solution and specific one based on individual requirements. We are aware of the fact that health protection at work is a very important area of ​​work and that is why in our offer we focus on quality products of leading Czech and world manufacturers and brands, meeting European safety standards and regulations.

Quality Haberkorn H-Plus

It is often important to get excellent quality at a reasonable price, in addition to good product availability. Haberkorn takes all these needs into account by guaranteeing our own product quality under our own H-Plus brand!
Specifically these are protective goggles, filter masks, work gloves and a wide range of work and safety clothing and H-Plus shoes. All these products provide maximum protection and safety while maintaining modern design, comfort and high quality. In addition, we also offer paper and polypropylene industrial cloths under the H-Plus brand, which are an important help for maintaining cleanliness in workplaces.

Working cosmetics STOKO

Within the assortment of work cosmetics we offer the products of the world's leading manufacturer of Deb Group. The traditional STOKO® brand has been part of the Deb Group since 2014.
The STOKO® Professional Skin Care product line offers the largest and most complex portfolio of working cosmetics to ensure healthy skin that is stressed by the work environment.
The STOKO® 4-Point Program offers a complete skin protection program for any work environment. The program is designed to keep your skin permanently healthy and consists of four complementary phases: skin protection, skin disinfection, skin cleansing, skin regeneration. All STOKO® products offer optimum skin compatibility and maximum efficiency.