Driving elements

Do you use gears, belts or chains on your machines? Or gear transmissions or perhaps couplings, cardans or collets? And what about trapezoidal screws or gear boxes. Do you buy these parts from different suppliers? Do you wait too long for delivery? Then prosper from our services.

We not only deliver these parts to you in no time from our warehouse which is considered to be among the best equipped in Europe. Our technicians will also help you with existing solution or propose new gear. And if standardized part will not suit, then we provide or produce for you custom-made part. All of that with emphasis to high quality and reliability.

Calculations of drives with toothed belts

If you design new gear or would like to optimize already existing one, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with specifications for calculation and design gear which will be most suitable for your application. We will then deliver the gear and help with the right assembly. If you would like to design your belt drives by yourselves, we will provide you Design Flex® ProTM, calculation software from company GATES for free.

Custom-made chain gears

We complement wide range of standard and nonstandard products with our own production capacities for custom-made parts. We size standard chain gears according to your requirements so that you can install them directly. In cases where it is not possible to use standard chain gear we will provide or produce custom-made gears in required design, material and with surface finish. We will split racks to required length. We will size standard elements according to your requirement so that you can install them directly.

Fast accessibility

Our central warehouse in Mokré Lazce is one of the best equipped ones in Europe. We will deliver to you in no time almost any belt GATES. Most of toothed pulleys or V-belt pulleys which you will find in our catalogue we deliver also directly from our warehouse. As well as gears, bars and gear assembly or trapezoidal screws and nuts. You will receive ordered goods the next working day. Nonstored items are delivered within one week.