Year 1995 – company establishment

The company began under the name Ulmer s.r.o. in a small appartment in Opava which served as an office. The stock was then stored in a nearby garage. At the beginning eight employees worked for the company. The first assortments we started to offer were modular system of aluminum profiles and machine elements.

Year 1997 – place of business in Mokré Lazce

Already in 1996 the management decided to build a new hall in Mokré Lazce near Opava. Since 1997 the headquarters and central warehouse have been located here. As the company expanded over time this building was also expanded several times and first floor was added. Now its area is more than 2,800 m2.

Year 2001 – entry to Slovakian market

The growing interest in our products by Slovakian customers led to the establishment of a network of technical sales representatives in the region in 2001. At present we have nine technical specialists in the field in Slovakia.

Year 2003 – part of Haberkorn GmbH group

Since 2003 Ulmer GmbH and Umer s.r.o. became parts of the multinational Haberkorn GmbH with headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria.


Year 2009 – renaming to Ulmer s.r.o.

In 2009 the company was renamed from the original Ulmer s.r.o. on Haberkorn Ulmer s.r.o. This renaming was preceded by the fact that we were already a member of the multinational HABERKORN Group in 2003.

Year 2010 – more than 100 employees

After 15 years of operation the number of employees exceeded the limit of "100".

Year 2010 - taking over a metalworking workshop

This year we took over the metal workshop in Dvůr Králové including their employees. Today is production moved to our workshop in Mokré Lazce and focuses primarily of custom-made parts, especially toothed pulleys, chain and toothed wheels.

Year 2012 - Merger with Ernst Glogar s.r.o.

There was a merger with Ernst Glogar s.r.o. with this step we have expanded our existing offer by an assortment of hydraulics. By this we have strengthened our business network and added two more plants in České Budějovice and Liberec.

Year 2013 – new hall built in Mokré Lazce

In 2013 we opened our other business premises in Mokré Lazce near Opava. It is located on the other side of the village and it became a central warehouse for the Czech Republic and Slovakia for hydraulic accessories and there was also a metalworking workshop for light engineering production and modification.

Year 2013 – new premises and warehouse in Slovakia

After several years when we served the Slovakian market only through sales representatives, we decided to establish a branch of Haberkorn Ulmer s.r.o., an organizational unit and to open the company's premises, incl. own warehouse facilities.