Hose protection

The service life of hydraulic hoses in severe operating conditions significantly prolongs hose protection. In our offer you will find metal spirals and braid used to protect the hoses from mechanical damage and deformation. Plastic spirals that allow hoses to be joined to bundles, PVC tubes and sleeves to protect the workplace from leaking fluid. We also supply ADL INSUFLEX heat shields that can be used in industrial chemicals, extremely high temperatures, direct flame or drops of molten metal.

Heat protection

Pyrojacket or fireproof hose and tube hood provides protection against high and low temperatures. The base is a fiberglass fiber resistant to high temperatures, which is externally coated with a layer of silicone so as not to cause mechanical damage. Pyrojacket lasts for 260 °C and for short time up to 1650 °C. Heat protections are available in various modifications not only for hoses but also for tapping strips or atypical shapes.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

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