Hydraulic assembly machines

We will completely equip you with machinery for the production of hydraulic hoses. We sell FINN-POWER handheld or electric presses that are the top in hose pressing. These presses are almost maintenance-free, and even after many years they press precisely the set dimensions. In addition to the press, we also supply a hose cutter, hose cutter, hose revolving hose, control dowels for pressed ends, and press dimensions simply complete hose reinforcement.


FINN-POWER presses have a very wide use and range of molding. In addition to hydraulic hoses, both 2 mm diameter measuring tubes and large industrial hoses up to a diameter of 254 mm can be pressed. Custom jaws for atypical shapes can be made to order. Presses are also used in the automotive industry for stamping pipes and ropes.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

We are doing our best to make your work easier! Are you among those who prefer to work with printed catalogues rather then with the electronic ones? Then one of our above standard services is for you. All catalogues, brochures or flyers we send to our customers by mail upon request for free.