Hydraulics and industrial hoses

We supply hydraulic and industrial hoses including accessories to large companies and small tradesmen. The advantage is a wide range of goods that we keep in stock in our branches and the associated speed of delivery. In addition to standard logistics services, we also offer kanban and tailor-made customer solutions.
The team of our experienced professionals will advise you on choosing the right products right at you or at our branches. Supply speed, quality and affordable products. This is your reliable supplier of hydraulic and industrial hoses.

H-Plus – ideal price/performance ratio

The products of our own H-Plus brand are the right ones if you are looking for an ideal price / performance ratio, quality and affordability. For a great price, you get renowned H-Plus brand products. These products have good stock availability and are usually shipped within 24 hours. We continue to expand H-Plus products. Recently, we have added industrial blasting hose (SM1 equivalent), EPDM multipurpose hose (equivalent MP20) or H-plus OIL oil hose (equivalent to TU25).


The VOSS FormSQR  pipe connection system is used in mass production and under difficult conditions, such as impulse strokes, where the conventional ring junction fails. With the help of the VOSSForm 100 forming machine, the end of the hydraulic pipe is shaped into a 24 ° cone. The joint is complemented by a FPM / FKM shape seal that ensures tightness even under dynamic loads. Assembly is very simple and practically eliminates the error.