Industrial hoses and fittings

We offer industrial hoses and accessories for various applications and media – for example hot and cold water hoses, food, chemicals, oil, fuel, air, gases, abrasives. The range includes hose clamps, Lüdecke pneumatic and tempering couplings, Camlock lever couplings and other accessories. Very interesting are the products of our brand H-Plus due to the quality / price ratio.

Production of hoses

You can buy industrial hoses in full packet or in individual shorter lengths. If necessary we will install the required end caps to the hoses. The end cap may be secured in the hose by a high pressure or low pressure compression sleeve, a screw collar consisting of 2 half rings, a clamp or wire on flat water hoses. Depending on the type of application, the end cap can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminum.

Hose designation with the name of your company

Hoses are normally labeled with the manufacturer's name or our own H-Plus brand. Is this design inappropriate for you? Then we offer an interesting possibility of individual marking of hoses, for example the name of your company. An individual customer designation is possible for larger project orders, when the hose is already marked in the required manner during production.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

We are doing our best to make your work easier! Are you among those who prefer to work with printed catalogues rather then with the electronic ones? Then one of our above standard services is for you. All catalogues, brochures or flyers we send to our customers by mail upon request for free.