Linear technology

Do you use linear technology on your devices? Then we are the right partner for you. The solution starts with individual components, including trapezoidal screws and nuts, guide bars and ball bearings. It continues through rail linear lines where we represent the premium Schneeberger brand. And ends with complete linear units, including gearbox, engine and drive of the German company item Industrietechnik. Drive of the linear unit is possible by means of a toothed belt, ball screw, chain or toothed rack. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right solution for your application.


Gearboxes connect together the Linear Unit, Drive Set and Motor and ensure users can achieve the correct ratio of input speed, torque and precise carriage positioning for any application. item Gearboxes also help make optimum use of the installation space available. Motors can be fitted in line with the Drive Set or offset at a 90° angle from it.

To ensure reliability and a long service life, item uses only high-quality planetary gearboxes that distribute forces to the gears with low backlash. They are also compact, very quiet and have a maintenance-free design.

The compact, maintenance-free planetary gearboxes are each available in three fixed gear ratios – 1:3, 1:5 and 1:7.

The Gearboxes run quietly and have a long service life. They are maintenance free and do not require additional lubrication. The compact Gearboxes is suitable for very high input speeds up to 18,000 RPM.

Gearboxes AP (AxialPlanetengetriebe) connect a Motor with a Drive Set along a shared axis.

Bewel Gearboxes WP (WinklPlanetengetriebe) connect a Motor with a Drive Set at a 90° angle.


Using a clear configurator, you can also become an automation expert. This intelligent software takes into consideration everything from dynamic requirements to technical parameters. The software used by us is used to enter the parameters of the transport operation. Based on the entered parameters, it selects and recommends a suitable linear unit. In addition, the motion profile and parameters you create and enter during configuration will then serve as the basis for putting the linear unit into operation.

If necessary, the commissioning software can use existing data. This will speed up the installation of linear units. Intelligent control analyzes independently a linear unit, finds optimal settings, and can take on the motion profile created in the program.

Automation in industry I – The basics of linear technology

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Automation in industry II – Motors and controllers

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Linear Guides Accessories

Linear guides are supplied with various accessories adaptation flanges and shafts for connecting different types of drives, flexible couplings including clutch bodies, synchronous shafts, angular gears, run-change pulleys, or end position sensors. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists!

Advantages of Linear Guides

All types of linear guides offer a long service life, easy maintenance, accurate running and high load bearing capacity. Of course there is also a reuse of elements and a small build-up dimension.

Asssembly Recommendations

You can use many combinations of pre-assembled components to form a linear guide. Ensure that the connecting dimensions for the selected engine, gearbox and drive set are the same!


Servomotors are available in three sizes (40, 60 and 80 mm). They are precisely designed for transmissions and linear drive drives. For example, for vertical applications servomotors can be ordered with an integrated brake.

Servomotors have a high rated speed of up to 9.000 rpm and are suitable for all applications requiring accurate and dynamic operation. Robust and accurate sensors ensure that the system has reliable features even over long periods of use.
With color-coded plug-in connectors and power and data cables, the motor can be easily and reliably connected to the control unit. The servomotors are designed without a brake or brake (letter B in the product name).


The control components have been designed to perfectly control the linear units motors. Programmable servomotors are designed for industrial use and combine several functions.
Thanks to their modular design, they are timeless because they allow easy replacement of individual components and can be built into complex systems. The programming software measures the linear system and automatically configures parameters using the control unit. Both single-phase and three-phase models are available in different power levels.

Thanks to optional interface modules, controllers can be extended to all standard busbar systems. CAN-Open, USB and Ethernet are standard. EtherCAT and Profibus can easily be plugged in as plug-ins. The Safe Torque Off (STO) safety module makes the system safer by disconnecting the motor from the voltage. The engine is therefore in a state without torque on the shaft. The module meets the safety standards of category 4 / PL according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL3 according to EN 62061.