Machine elements

We complete wide range of standard and nonstandard products with our own production and assembly capacities for custom-made parts. Flexible deliveries supported by extraordinary warehouse stock cover most of our customer´s requirements. We also solve technical specifications both for new applications and in maintenance. Availability of our services is guaranteed by our sales technical representatives, you can choose our products in printed catalogues or in our e-shop.

Chain modifications

Have you been waiting too long for your chain? In our workshop in Mokré Lazce we modify chains faster than any other producer. We split roller chains and connect them to required length. We assembly different chain carriers for transport applications.

We keep in stock chains and wide range of connectors and carriers. That is why we start with assembly right after ordering.

Calculations of belt gears

If you propose new belt gear or if you would like to optimize or control existing one, please feel free to contact us. We will help you with specifications for calculation and we will propose such belt gear which will be most suitable for your application. We will subsequently deliver gear and help with the right assembly.

If you would like to design belt gears by yourselves, we will provide you for free Design Flex® ProTM, calculation software from company GATES.

CAD database of standard parts

You do not have time in the construction to draw every single part? Use CAD database of drawings of standard parts in all basic 2D and 3D formats. Database contains more then 7,000 unique parts such as operating elements, machinery and securing elements, clamping elements, joints, silent blocks, machine foots and pads, lubrication technology or drilling bits.

All parametres and materials are consistent with parts which we subsequently deliver to you.