Breathing protection

Many work environments require workers' respiratory protection. We offer a wide range of disposable filtering halves, half-shells and full-face masks for reuse, air-ventilated air-filtering systems or compressed-air supply systems that provide protection against a wide range of hazardous substances. A properly selected respiratory protection device contributes to the personal comfort, safety and performance of workers.


Haberkorn has been a long-time partner of the Swedish company SUNDSTRÖM. With 90 years of experience and history, it has been one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of respiratory protection products. The full masks and full face masks of this manufacturer have a 99.9 % efficiency rating, which is an absolute top!

Legal provisions

Any employee who is exposed to the effects of harmful gases, vapors or loose particles at concentrations that are hazardous to health must be equipped with appropriate respiratory protection. Together we will find an appropriate solution to protect your employees' breathing.