Sponzoring - Simply, we support and help

Regional support

Every year Haberkorn focuses on supporting regional businesses and organizations. Our supported partners include, for example, Mokré Lazce community, local kindergarten and elementary school or various sports and cultural events organized in the immediate vicinity.

Social car for handicapped children

Our company supports the "social car" project for handicapped kindergartens, primary and secondary schools - facilities for disabled children and youth in the districts of Opava, Krnov and Bruntál. It makes easier to transport children and young people with mental and the other disabilities to schools.

Cooperation with schools

Last but not least we are also striving to deepen our relationships with secondary schools and universities that offer students  engineering disciplines. Our goal is to get to students' awareness and show our company as a good employer for school graduates in the region. In the past years we have presented our assortment to the future engineers of the secondary school of industrial and artistic arts in Opava. We sponsor various school events, open days, student competitions.

Project VŠB - Formula Student

We have decided to support the "Formula Student" project of Báňská University - Technical University of Ostrava. Thanks to this project students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the production of original parts used on the prototype of formula. Every year students with their monopost attend international races.

Charity projects

Many individuals would benefit from support in this area, but unfortunately, it is not in the power of any company to support everyone. In 2021 and 2018 we contributed a financial gift to a boy with spinal muscular atrophy. It's just a drop in the sea but if everyone contributed like this, it would make the lives of many people easier and happier. Perhaps our actions inspire other.