Tooth wheels, bars and set of gears

Our offer includes tooth wheels, bars and set of gears in moduls M1 – M6 degree of accuracy 9. We supply most of catalogue products from warehouse. We complete common assortment with our own production capacities. We will deliver to you wheels and racks according to your design documentation up to modul M40 also with hardened gearing or surface treatment. For positioning we supply also ground wheels and bars in accuracy 6.

Tooth wheels, bars, and sets of gears

Wide offer of standard and nonstandard products is completed with our own production capacities for custom-made parts. We split racks to required lengths. We will finish standard parts according to your requirements so that you can assemble them directly. In cases where it is not possible to use standard part, we will supply or produce custom-made part in required design, accuracy and material with surface finish.

Fast availability

Our central warehouse in Mokré Lazce is among the best equipped warehouses in Europe. All toothed bars and most of tooth wheels and sets of gears which you can find in our catalogue we supply directly from our warehouse. You will receive ordered goods the next working day. Unstored items will be delivered within one week.